Carine Senior High School (4057)

School Overview

Carine Senior High School is an Independent Public School and school of choice in the northern suburbs of Perth. Our school became an Independent Public School in 2015 and has since been leading academic performance from years 7-12 through the recruitment and development of highly effective program coordinators, teachers and support staff. Our vision is to seek excellence in education. We do this through individualised student pathways, which are consistently reviewed and adapted to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students. The school plans and consults with families, universities and vocational training facilitators to help students achieve their best possible results for their futures.

The academically focused learning environment caters to all levels of learners. Carine Senior High School is a Department of Education Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance school. Academically talented students from outside the local intake area may attend. Academic Extension programs are offered too. We also have a dedicated Learning Centre to support students with diverse learning needs. This includes our Focus Literacy and Numeracy program, in combination with Direct Instruction literacy specialist classes. These classes cater for students requiring support to narrow the gap in these areas.

Our school community is positive and caring. Wellbeing is an overarching school priority. This is achieved through a dedicated team of specialist professionals who provide holistic support for our students' social and emotional wellbeing with a balanced focus on resiliency. This includes dedicated student services managers, chaplains, community health nurses, psychologists, academic support mentors and support teachers. Parental involvement in children's education is welcomed and encouraged as we believe strongly in the importance of open, honest and supportive links between family and school. Support dogs are in attendance; Colleen, Noodles and Pippi are popular with many. The Student Services team plans regular reward and extra-curricular events for students who consistently strive for success.

We proudly respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and seek to make this visible both in our learning and physical environment. A mural that was the work of community collaboration and the Follow the Dream program has been installed in the school foyer. The six seasons garden, with indigenous plantings is blossoming outside the library.

Sustainability is one of the three cross curricula priorities in the Australian Curriculum and we seek to embed it into our daily lives. We have a dedicated Sustainability Week and broad range of activities.

There is a rich tradition of service to the local, national and international community, with our graduates striving to be conscientious global citizens. Students are provided with opportunities and support to achieve excellence in an extensive range of school-based academic, performing arts, sporting, cultural, leadership and community service programs. A highlight is our outdoor education surfing and snorkelling program that makes the most of our coveted coastal location. A new $32 million dollar building program is underway to provide facilities for the projected growth of the school and to upgrade existing facilities ensuring a modern and enjoyable learning environment.

Results speak to our success in achieving excellence in education; the data proves our strong leadership in this area. Carine Senior High School was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for excellence in Year 12 outcomes for 2021.

We encourage you to explore our website at to learn more about the Carine Senior High School experience.