Karratha Senior High School (4056)

School Overview

Since 1974, Karratha Senior High School has been providing a quality education for students from Years 7 - 12, serving the region in the highly lucrative resource sector. The school is committed to providing an inclusive, quality education that strengthens the community and empowers every child to embrace the opportunities which exist in the heart of the Pilbara. As a school, we actively encourage and reward positive behaviour, quality academic and sporting achievement and cultural awareness.

Karratha Senior High School has a population of approximately 1050 students, with an intake from contributory primary schools as well as schools from across Australia. Many families move to Karratha and surrounding townships such as Dampier, Point Samson, Roebourne and Wickham to work in the diverse resource, retail and service industries in the region. From within the Karratha town site, the school attracts students from all six local primary schools and the neighbouring primary schools of Dampier, Roebourne and Wickham. Karratha Senior High School offers a comprehensive transition for Year 6 students entering high school, designed to alleviate anxiety often associated with the move from primary to secondary schooling.

The school motto 'Towards Tomorrow' ensures that the school's curriculum focuses on preparing all students for the future. The motto embraces the aim of nurturing responsible and caring individuals in order that they are fully prepared for success in a rapidly changing world. Another strong focus of the school is the attraction and retention of quality teachers, resulting in positive outcomes for all students. In recent years, the school has achieved outstanding WACE results, finishing in the top 20 secondary schools in the state in its Vocational Education qualification achievement. Added to the outstanding success in students meeting university entry requirements, Karratha Senior High School has become a significant school of choice in the Pilbara.

The school relocated to a new site in 2013, offering a 21st century learning environment with outstanding facilities. Being located on an education precinct site provides the opportunity for the school to build on its strong partnership with Pilbara Institute (TAFE) and utilise the outstanding City of Karratha recreation complex, the Leisureplex, situated adjacent to the school and where the school's Health and Physical Education Department is located.

Karratha Senior High School focuses on preparing students for the wide range of opportunities available in the Pilbara and beyond. Collaborations and partnerships are key to this focus. The North West Shelf project - Karratha Education Initiative (KEI), the Gumala Mirnuwarni Education Project (Polly Farmer Foundation), Clontarf Foundation, and Aspire and SPICE through the University of Western Australia, have all enabled the school to provide significant opportunities for students. The collaboration with Pilbara Institute has enabled the school to access an extended range of Certificates that provide employment or further training opportunities for students in areas of relevance and community need.

At Karratha Senior High School, students, parents, staff and all other stakeholders work together to support all activities that form learning programs at the school. Through these partnerships, we share the responsibility for the growth and development of our students, striving to make our school a safe, respectful, innovative and exciting learning environment.

Karratha Senior High School became an Independent Public School in 2015.