Rockingham Senior High School (4054)

School Overview

Rockingham Senior High School provides excellent academic programs in an exemplary caring environment, for secondary students.

The school's vision for teaching and learning is to ensure that our students are provided with every opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and united school culture, while contributing and adding value to the broader school community.

Our school nurtures the 'whole child' to attain their personal best so that they achieve the school mission to 'develop the understandings, skills and attitudes relevant to their individual needs, thereby fulfilling their potential and contributing to the development of our society'.

The school recognises the importance of student engagement to achieve best performance and provides a diverse range of programs to accommodate student interest, strengths and aspirations for their future education, training and employment. A purposely designed academic pathway, which includes Academic Curriculum Extension (ACE) and the Maritime Specialist Program, provides an ATAR Pathway to university. The school has also developed a well-planned pathway for identified students who require intensive literacy and numeracy support by providing individual and/or group education plans to ensure their learning is appropriately modified. In providing a diverse range of academic and vocational pathways the school ensures that the future career aspirations of all students are met. As a recognised specialist school of Maritime Training, Netball, Basketball and a Rugby League Academy, many of our students experience outstanding sporting success at local, state and international levels, while studying their academic school program.

The school's curriculum and pastoral care structures are integral to supporting the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of our students to achieve their personal success. A focus on a positive environment for learning and promoting student and school well-being aims to improve student engagement and develop an inclusive learning environment. Our vales of 'Respect', 'Engage', 'Achieve' and 'Learn' allows our students and staff to 'keep it REAL' at Rockingham Senior High School.

For more information please contact us at:
T:(08) 9527 0300