Rossmoyne Senior High School (4048)

School Overview

Rossmoyne Senior High School is a flagship Independent Public School within the Western Australian public school system. We deliver outstanding educational programs; we are an inclusive school; and we maintain a proud tradition of excellence and traditional values that go back to the School's earliest days. We continue to stand for:
- excellence in academic, vocational, sporting and cultural pursuits;
- high standards of student dress and demeanour;
- respect for ourselves, others and the environment; and
- the development of outstanding citizens who make a worthwhile contribution to the community.

Rossmoyne is a progressive school that is responsive to the changing needs of students and the community. Our staff and students engage actively in the local and international communities. Our multicultural campus has a vibrant, friendly and happy atmosphere. Students consistently provide feedback that the school delivers a well-rounded, balanced education. Former students overwhelmingly convey affection for, and pride in, Rossmoyne Senior High School.

Rossmoyne's School Board, administration, teachers and support staff are committed to delivering world-class educational programs and services. We want all students to enjoy a positive experience at Rossmoyne, to achieve the best possible educational outcomes, and to leave school with an optimistic outlook and a keen desire and confidence to make a worthwhile contribution to the community.