Mount Lawley Senior High School (4038)

School Overview

Mount Lawley Senior High School is one of the premier schools in Western Australia. Founded in 1955, the school has a rich history of student success and achievement. This tradition continues with a commitment to the achievement of personal best and excellence in all aspects of school life.

At Mount Lawley Senior High School it is our expectation that all students will undertake further education and or training after Year 12. Importantly, we are committed to the provision of learning programs that cater for all post-school destinations, including University, Technical and Further Education and employment.

The students at the school are provided a broad and rich learning experience with a focus on academic excellence, personal growth and development and an enriching social experience. The challenge for students is to take up these opportunities and realise their potential.

The school has a focus in Languages and hosts a Gifted and Talented (GAT) Language program for students across the State, especially the metropolitan area. Students are able to undertake studies in Italian, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Mount Lawley SHS offers more languages than any other school.

The Arts is also a special focus of the school with Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Media Studies programs on offer. The school offers a Special Visual and Performing Arts Program to students in the school boundary and neighbouring regions. The Special Jazz program is also available.

The school has a commitment to Aboriginal Education and on behalf of the Department, hosts the Follow the Dream Outreach program. The school offers the Aboriginal Excellence Program that enables aspirational Aboriginal students to attend the school and realise the benefits of the school's teaching programs, an individual education plan and cultural experiences. All AEP students complete an annual research project and present the results at an evening function.

The Information Technology programs are not just limited to the teaching of computing skills. Teachers have introduced innovative ways of using Information Technology to enhance the teaching and learning process. Student learning is supported by a modern network that allows student access from across the school. Mount Lawley SHS has moved to a parent funded notebook program.

The students of Mount Lawley Senior High School are provided with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences in all learning areas as well as extra-curricular activities that enrich and broaden the learning experience. This includes sports, leadership opportunities, peer support, mentoring, community service and international exchange.

The school has undergone an extensive re-building and re-development program. The result is a state-of the art school of the future with outstanding facilities to support student learning. Staff look for ways to refine learning programs in both the Middle School and the Senior School to respond better to the needs of students in the Twenty First Century.

A major strength of the school community is its strong links and partnerships with parents and the broader community. Parents continue to play a key role in planning for the future and participate in all aspects of school life.

The school has established a Memorandum of Understanding with Edith Cowan University that has resulted in links for students to programs and facilities of the university. The school and university also share the Sport & Fitness Centre and car parks.

New and innovative programs have also been established that enable students to link to Vocational studies and workplace learning.

Mount Lawley Senior High School is an excellent school with a bright future. The commitment to the school community is to provide the highest quality learning experience to all students. It is a school with a focus on academic achievement and one that supports students through their time at school. Staff engage effectively with students and have high expectations for success. The goal of the school is to have each graduate reflect on his or her journey with pride and say 'I am glad I attended Mount Lawley SHS - a place of learning excellence'.