Mount Lawley Senior High School (4038)

School Overview

Raising the bar: from good to great

Mt Lawley has long been recognised as one of the top public schools in Western Australia. Since 1955, our school has earned a reputation for excellence. We know Mt Lawley delivers an environment where we strive to create great people. Look at the photos that adorn the corridors or take a stroll along our walk of fame where we pay tribute to our alumni - the 'Lawley Legends' - an elite group of international sporting heroes, philanthropists and those who have given exceptional service in business, law, politics, entertainment and the military.

We are on track in our transformational journey to move from being a good school to becoming a great school. We are the right choice for exceptional teachers and young people who want a unique environment in which to learn, develop, innovate and flourish.

Our vibrant school community is big on opportunity, big on creativity, and has a big heart. We celebrate the unique individuality and talent of every child and we are passionate about helping them explore their potential, push their boundaries and build a bright future.

We empower students through stimulating curriculum, teams of teachers who focus on the needs of each of their students, a strong sense of community, a campus environment that's alive with curiosity and our passion for exploration and discovery - especially in technology, languages, visual arts, music and performance.

Academic performance matters too of course - and our students consistently achieve outstanding results in NAPLAN and ATAR. Move through the campus and you'll witness the 'hands-on' talent of our vocational students too - in engineering and construction, creative industries, sport, visual arts, hospitality and more.

Three separate sub-schools - Middle School for Years 7 and 8, Upper School for Years 9 and 10, and the highly successful Senior School for Years 11 and 12 - offer exemplary teaching, a choice of specialised pathways and personalised support perfectly geared to each student's social and emotional development. It is an approach that drives impressive outcomes and evolves progressively as students grow.

Learning opportunities extend beyond the classroom and are enhanced by our external partnerships. Our Special Visual and Performing Arts Program is renowned and is about to expand even further as we prepare to take ownership of the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) facilities when Edith Cowan University moves to their new city campus in 2025.

All students have a choice of five languages, including a Gifted and Talented Languages Program, and the opportunity to take part in concerts, community service programs, sporting teams, and cultural tours. Students can grow through leadership roles, such as prefects, councillors, house, music and language captains, or join our Bushranger Cadet unit.

The rich and colourful world of learning comes alive in different forms across our modern campus as we open the doors to a world of opportunity, from our state-of-the-art science and technology centre, to the safe and nurturing Tiny House, the meeting place for foreign-language students.

Staff are passionate about creating an inclusive learning and social environment, where every child develops a strong sense of belonging and pride. Although performance and achievement are highly valued, so too is the sense of happiness and wellbeing that comes from being part of a warm and welcoming community...just ask the school's therapy dog, Kyzer, a cuddly classroom companion for students in need of this special, calming connection.

We celebrate cultural diversity and have students whose cultural heritage spans sixty nationalities and our Aboriginal Excellence and Follow the Dream Programs are producing future leaders while taking the whole school on an exciting exploration of our First Nation's heritage and culture.

Mt Lawley Senior High School has a long and distinguished history, rich heritage and a great future. It's a great place for students and to live and learn - and carve out their own pathway to greatness.