Applecross Senior High School (4002)

School Overview

Applecross Senior High School's goal is to encourage young people to achieve their potential through the value and enjoyment of learning. We aim to widen students' horizons by presenting a diverse, relevant and contemporary curriculum that will prepare them to thrive in an ever changing society. The curriculum reflects our desire for students to become responsible and flexible thinkers who will be well prepared for the challenges ahead. We offer an innovative curriculum with the provision of a range of study options for senior students, including a full tertiary entrance program and a wide variety of vocational courses.

The foundations for success lie in the careful development of inclusive and welcoming learning environments. By creating forums within these environments and giving students a voice, we become aware of their collective needs, ensuring that the necessary support can be delivered for strategic improvement.

This strong culture of pastoral care is a central feature underpinning all aspects of the structure and organisation of our school. Our values of Personal Best and Mutual Respect are strongly promoted and embedded in our programs. We work towards building strong interpersonal relationships between students and teachers, founded on trust, respect and responsibility. In building and sustaining positive relationships we create an environment which promotes quality learning.

Our enthusiastic and passionate teachers utilise best possible classroom practice to create both safe, supportive and inclusive learning environments thus promoting a culture of high performance and high care. We have a clear teachers charter and set high expectations. We are aware of students' needs on entry academic data and ensure curriculum access for all students. Our students are empowered with the information and capabilities they need to be successful. We explicitly teach learning strategies and always provide high quality feedback to our students.

We know our students and how they learn through direct engagement during classroom activities. Our lessons are well structured based around knowing individual students' needs and catering for the needs of individual students. The concept of reflective learning is encapsulated and embedded within all levels of our school. We teach a growth mindset, via modelling and are committed to ensuring students achieve their personal best.

Our facilities include a purpose built art block with exhibition space; a new science, library and technology building; a performing arts centre; a university style auditorium; a new gymnasium and fitness centre; and tournament standard tennis courts.

We encourage you to visit our school or website, or call us for more information.

Paul Leech
T: 9314 9393