Albany Senior High School (4001)

School Overview

Albany Senior High School commenced in 1918 and celebrates its centenary in 2018. The school has a long and proud tradition of producing outstanding graduates who excel in academic, sporting, artistic, leadership and personal pursuits. The school forms an integral part of the fabric of the Albany community and has strong bonds with generations of successful graduates supported by the ASHS Alumni.

The school's values charter outlines the importance of respect, compassion, social justice and individual responsibility for all members of the school community. The embodiment of these values ensures a happy, safe and hardworking student body, where respect and responsibility are key. The outstanding academic, sporting and leadership achievements of our students is testament to generations seeking excellence. Outstanding ATAR achievements, high graduation rates, scholarship and award winners, Top Country Week school and excellent band performances, are all examples of individual and team success by students.

The school has an experienced dedicated team of teachers who guide, motivate and inspire students. The school provides a diverse range of programs, including marine science, music, outdoor education, Follow the Dream, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) on line, certificate II, philosophy, Italian, media studies, economics, in addition to the fundamental courses of English, Maths, Science and Humanities. These programs are enriched with a diverse range of extra-curricular activities offered within the local area, across the state and further afield.

Student leadership is fostered across the school to have a positive impact on the culture of the school and the continuance of traditions with pride. The senior leaders or prefects, are key mentors for younger students and provide strong advocacy for the student body.

Meeting the pastoral care needs of a diverse student body is catered for by a large student services team. This team works closely with community based agencies in supporting the health, social and emotional needs of our students. The team of program coordinators, school psychologist, nurse, chaplain, Aboriginal Islander Education Officers and year coordinators, works collaboratively to provide proactive and point of need support for all students.

As an Independent Public School the School Board provides support and advice on the direction of the school. The board members represent staff, parent and community interests in ensuring the school maintains its relevance, direction and standards. The school P&C provides financial assistance to the school through the operations of the canteen and other fundraising activities.