Bunbury Primary School (5070)

Local Intake Area

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Local Intake map :
LIA map

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Bunbury Primary School (5070) (March 2022)

The following defines the local intake area of this school:

From the intersection of Ocean Drive and Beach Road, east, northeast and east along Beach Road (north side included) to Spencer Street, south along Spencer Street (east side included) to the intersection of Spencer Street and Forrest Avenue, southeast along Forrest Avenue (east side included) to Strickland Street, east along Strickland Street (north side included) to Blair Street, northwest and north along Blair Street (west side included) to the intersection of Blair Street, Clifton Street, Casuarina Drive and Koombana Drive, east along Koombana Drive (north side included) to a point where Koombana Channel passes under Koombana Drive, north along Koombana Channel to Koombana Bay, continue along the coastline of Koombana Bay and Geographe Bay to the western extension of Ocean Drive and Beach Road, east along this extension to the intersection of Ocean Drive and Beach Road.

A sibling of a student who is both enrolled at Bunbury Primary School and residing on the south side of Beach Road or Strickland Street in 2022, will be entitled to enrol at Bunbury Primary School provided there is at least one member of the family already enrolled at the school in the year in which the sibling is applying to enrol.