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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

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The netball Specialist Program develops your child’s knowledge and skills in netball. 

Specialist teachers develop skills on an individual and team basis including:

  • footwork
  • catching and throwing
  • goal shooting
  • attacking and defending
  • strategy
  • positional play.

Children learn:

  • management
  • coaching
  • umpiring
  • match play
  • the history of the game
  • game analysis.

There may be the opportunity for your child to represent their school in competitions.

Facilities and equipment include:

  • netball courts
  • gym
  • video analysis equipment
  • heart rate monitors
  • equipment and facilities of clubs and associations.

The netball Specialist Program is supported by Netball Western Australia and has an affiliation with local and national associations and clubs.

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