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Izzy's road safety games
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Parents/carers of 0 to 4 year old children (Smart Steps)

Smart Steps is a program that aims to reduce the levels of road trauma for infants and children by supporting parents and carers of 0-4 year olds to:

  • engage in safer road user practices with their children
  • provide road safety education to their children.

The three major road safety risk areas for this age group include passenger safety (including child car restraints), pedestrian safety and play safety. 

Your Guide to Child Car Restraints

Road safety booklet for parents


Play safety activity for children

                                                                                                of brochure Your Guide to Child Car Restraints
Passenger safety activity for children

Pedestrian safety activity for children

Buckle Up

 This Brochure is available in the following languages:

Resources for parents, carers and educators

The Smart Steps resources offer practical ideas and things that parents and carers can do to help keep their children safer in the road environment.

Parents and carers who attend information or education sessions either through their playgroup, day care centre or early learning centre for example, will be provided with free resources to take home and use with their children.

Check out additional information and resources by visiting the following websites

Smart Steps Parent Resources and Child Car Restraint Brochures

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