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Keys for Life (15-20 year olds)

Keys for Life aims to prepare young people for a lifetime of safer driving by:

  • promoting positive road users attitudes and behaviours
  • promoting extensive and quality supervised driving practice
  • involving parents and the community in youth road safety education.

Two initiatives have been developed to support this aim:

Keys for Life pre-driver education program
A pre-driver (before L plates) education program for young people (15 and 16 year olds) at school and out of school, including an opportunity for young people to sit the road rules test at school.

Keys for Life workshop for parents and young people aims to raise awareness about issues affecting young drivers and passengers and to promote increased supervised driving hours.

Keys for Life promotes learner drivers accumulating as much driving practice as possible. More information for novice drivers is available here.

Discover more about Keys for Life here.

Keys for Life

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