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Road safety education

Every day children and young people may find themselves in hazardous traffic situations.

Road safety education is about preparing them to become safer road users.

This section provides information on road safety education programs, resources and professional development that helps parents and schools deliver developmentally appropriate education to prepare children and young people to become safe and independent road users.

Directions: Western Australia's Road Safety Education Action Plan 2013-2015

This publication has been developed as part of an ongoing commitment to road safety education in WA.

One of the aims of this document is to communicate the comprehensive road safety education programs and services targeting young road users aged from birth to 18 years and their parents/carers, that are provided across the state as a contribution to the Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020.


National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education

The national practices will guide early childhood educators and policy makers to develop, implement and evaluate evidence based road safety programs that support children’s and families learning about road safety.

The National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education have been developed by early childhood education and road safety experts across Australia and New Zealand. The eight national practices are based on research and are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Road safety education

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