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Izzy's road safety games
Izzy's road safety games
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Challenges and Choices

Overview of Challenges and Choices

The core curriculum resilience, drug and road safety education program for Kindergarten to Year 10 is Challenges and Choices. The Foundation (K/PP) to Year 6 resources have been linked to the Australian Curriculum including the General Capabilities. The new Year 7 to 10 resources will be released in 2015.

Resilience, drug and road safety education (K-6)
Content such as medicines and hazardous substances, caffeine and energy drinks, alcohol and canabis, making friends and managing relationships, and passenger, pedestrian and bicycle safety is introduced through age-appropriate learning activities and strategies.


  • teacher resource for each year level that includes activities, resource and family information sheets
  • songs, stories and traffic sounds on a CD
  • storybooks
  • posters.

An early adolescence resource for resilience, drug and road safety education (7-10)
This resource is designed to assist school staff to include resilience, drug and road safety education into their health programs.  The activities focus on developing the skills that young people need to be able to make healthy and safe decisions associated with alcohol and other drugs, and road use.


  • teacher resource that includes activities, resource and family information sheets
  • CD-Rom
  • DVD of trigger videos and campaign advertisements.

This resource has been provided in hard copy to all Western Australian schools.

Challenges and Choices resources
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Challenges and Choices

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