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The Institute provides the contextualised support schools are looking for

The Institute for Professional Learning provides the contextualised support and quality capacity building professional learning that  I am looking for in leading Ashdale Secondary College.

The Graduate Teacher Induction Program complements the school’s strong support of graduate teachers like Mia Lennox who was awarded WA Beginning Teacher of the Year 2014.

Bringing my newly formed executive team to Leading School Improvement and Improving Student Learning Through Classroom Observation and Feedback has added significant value to progressing our strategic directions as a College.

In partnership with Ashdale Secondary College, the  Institute has worked with me to tailor programs for my senior leadership team. As a school  leader I strongly encourage you to consider  this  series of quality  workshops that focus on the leadership of highly effective teams.

Carol Strauss
Currently Director, Schools Review
Principal Ashdale Secondary College
2014 WA Secondary School Leader of the Year

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