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Choral Festival

20 August 2017
WA Public Secondary Schools' Choral Festival

In 2017, the Western Australian Public Secondary Schools' Choral Festival will be held at Churchlands Senior High School on Sunday, 20 August.


Applications are now closed. For further information regarding the 2017 festival, please visit the Connect library (teachers) or contact your vocal teacher (parents and students).

The aims of the festival are:

  1. to provide a choral performance opportunity for all secondary students
  2. to give choirs an opportunity to hear others perform
  3. to provide each choir with constructive comments from informed adjudicators.

Each participating choir is expected to present a program of up to two songs with a performing time of up to 10 minutes. Choirs will be part of a 90 minute timeslot with other choirs. Choirs will warm up prior to the allocated timeslot then take seating in the Concert Hall and move to and from the stage for performance as required.

There are four divisions in the festival:

  1. Novice: beginner/inexperienced choirs at any year level.
  2. Open: any choir, including compulsory and non-compulsory ensembles.
  3. Show: choirs presenting a show-style performance with a program including the use of harmonies in the arrangements. These choirs may use a recorded backing. There will be no microphone provided for soloists.
  4. Audition: students at any year level selected for membership of the choir by audition. Auditioned chamber choirs will fit into this category.

Each choir will receive an adjudication consisting of written comments and a certificate indicating its level of performance.

Entry to the festival is free to all public secondary schools.

Contact information

Nikki Sullivan
Instrumental Music School Services

Festival Photographs

Photographs of participating choirs from the 2016 festival are available for viewing and purchase at prophotobooth. Use the password 'choral16'.

Choral Festival

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