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Notebooks for Teachers Program (NFT)

Welcome to the Department of Education's web site for the Notebooks for Teachers Program.

These pages are designed to be the primary source of information for teachers on the Notebooks for Teachers Program. Program news, forms, Professional Development (PD) information etc will be published within these pages as it becomes available.


The Department’s Notebooks for Teachers Program invites eligible teachers to enrol on a voluntary basis and receive the use of a leased notebook computer, complete with software, insurance and support for work and personal use for three years.

Participating teachers are required to contribute a portion of the cost of the notebooks via a salary-sacrificed deduction from their fortnightly pay (this component is currently set at 75%). The Department subsidizes the remaining 25% of the purchase cost and the cost of ancillary services such as delivery (at start of lease), telephone support and insurance cover, extended warranty cover, collections (at end of lease) and so on.


The Notebooks for Teachers Program is open to all full time and part time (0.1 PTF or more) teaching staff contracted to work for 12 months or more with the Department and who work directly with students. The program is also open to Principals and Deputy Principals working in schools, School Psychologists, and Vocational Trainers.


Participants make a fortnightly contribution from their payroll towards the cost of providing the notebooks. For 2014 the contribution rates for new Windows notebooks are in the range of $13-$15 approx. depending on model and $15 approx. for new Apple notebooks. (Older rates still apply for re-assigned used notebooks - see the "Pre-Leased Notebooks Offer" links below or to the upper left.)

Contributions are deducted from fortnightly pay as a salary sacrifice (i.e. before tax) resulting in approximately $6 per fortnight in tax savings. Participants may not claim the notebook again on their tax returns, but thanks to the fortnightly tax saving the current nett cost over three years for a new notebook is less than $750.


New notebooks are offered on a periodic basis, with a registration period followed by deliveries a few weeks later. Dell has been the supplier of PC notebooks from 2011 and Apple notebooks will also be offered. Hewlett Packard notebooks were available for the Term 2 2014 'Round 30' offer. The PC supplier for Round 31 is currently TBA.

There will be four offers on new notebooks in 2014; the third ("Round 31") opens as of Week 1, Term 3 for delivery late in Term 3 or early Term 4. Further details are available from the NFT Offers 2014 link to the upper left, or our News page.

Also, used notebooks are available for reassignment when stock is available via the Pre-leased Notebooks Offer page.

Please feel free to contact the Notebooks for Teachers Program administration team by email if you would like any further information.