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Robots from Legoland

31 January 2013

Gifted and Talented Science

As part of the science program Scitech brought Lego Mindstorms NXT programmable robots to Melville Senior High School for GATE Year 8 and 9 classes.

Students were introduced to the robots and were given the opportunity to write programs for the machines using MAC integrated programs.

The students will be given the opportunity to build on their newly acquired programming skills later this term and during next term as part of the extended science program.

Sally Narvaez, Science Teacher

Oracy Award

Melville Senior High school has won the Letitia Nicoll Patron’s Award for the best IEC students in oracy from the Oracy Australia Association Inc. The award was given for loyalty and long-standing participation in ESL Oral Communication Assessments - Speaking and Listening.

The oracy assessment is aimed at increasing confidence and vocabulary. The four sections of the assessment are a prepared talk, reading aloud, an oral presentation of literature or improvisation and a discussion to which students listen and respond.

School Green Thumbs

The Melville Senior High School garden space is alive and well with the help of BUILD students and keen staff. The garden includes a recycled vertical herb garden, frog pond, future marron pond, functional worm farm and garden beds planted with tomatoes, silver beet, berries, herbs and chillies.

A big thank you to the BUILD teachers, art teachers, students and support staff who have helped set up and maintain the garden. The Home Economics staff collects worm ‘food’ and will be using some of the garden’s produce. Administration staff are keenly dontating shredded paper for the hungry worms.

Coveted Job Winner

Year 10 Reece Huntley (pictured right with VET Manager George Tills) recently gained an apprenticeship at ALCOA in Kwinana in mechanical fitting. There were over 800 applications for three position and Reece was one of the successful candidates.

Robots from Legoland

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