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Robotics – providing future pathways for Ballajura Community College students

8 July 2013
Fun, team work, engaging, inclusive, challenging, hands on, interesting. These are just some of the words students at BCC have used to describe their Robotics class. This year, Head of Business and Computing – Mike Ross began a new ‘Robotics’ unit for his year 10 students.
The School Pathways Program (SPP) funded the Robotics equipment, software and professional development for Mr Ross, to help him with teaching the course. The students really enjoy their robotics classes and the outcomes speak for themselves. All students (without fail) are engaged in their learning, arrive promptly to class, work together without fuss and independently to achieve their own successes.

“We started out with the software that comes with the NXT’s. It’s a good starter and really got the students hooked in. Since their engagement in the course we have added more sophisticated and challenging software to enable them to work and advance at their own pace. Something which the students are relishing.”

“Thanks to the SPP for funding and supporting our robotics programme. We’re only half way through term one and already it’s proving to be an outstanding success in terms of showing future pathways, engaging students, providing an inclusive and independent learning environment and helping me to further develop my knowledge and skills.” Mike Ross (teacher)

Student quotes…

“This is my favourite class. Not only is it hands on and challenging, it’s also really good fun. I want to do either Physics or Engineering at Uni, and I can really see how this course would help me to look into future pathways for study and work.”

“I’m competing with some friends and I’m just trying to work out how to get things working for me – and what will give me an advantage without my friends finding out how I did it.”
What do you like about this course?
“The programming side of things. I can also see the potential for future applications and use of this sort of technology. I think it’s something I will look into for uni down the track.”


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Robotics – providing future pathways for Ballajura Community College students

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