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Melville Senior High School - Lift Off into Cyber-Quad Space

31 January 2013

Lift Off into Cyber-Quad Space

The Gifted and Talented and Aviation specialty program students had a special treat when they had a demonstration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) organised through the Defence Industries School Pathways Program.

Industry broker Jennifer Casserly in conjunction with prominent defence company, Cybertechnology and Head of Science Mr Kim Rosenthal facilitated a visit to the school in Week 6.

The students were immediately spellbound when the presenter Mr Chris Mounkley from Cybertechnology mentioned ‘drones in Afghanistan’. When the demonstration UAV took off, all those science and aviation classes came alive.

The aim of the School Pathways Program is to support students engaging in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and to address skills shortages in these areas. Mr Chris Mounkley, Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer of local company Cybertechnology treated the students and several staff to an engaging presentation.

Mr Mounkley engaged students with the practical applications of UAV technology in surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance in defence, resource and commercial contexts.

Students viewed footage of thermal imaging technology, as filmed by the UAV’s, and commercial applications such as oil rig damage and shark sightings.

Pilot Mr Paul Dewar then treated students and staff to a flight demonstration of the “Cyberquad” in the Science quadrangle, being able to view the filmed footage of themselves via a purpose built laptop. Throughout the demonstration students were reminded how important their science studies were and how the fields of mechatronics, computer science and electronics engineering are pathways to a career with a company such as Cybertechnology.

Both Cybertechnology and Melville are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration and the school’s specialty focus makes it an obvious choice.

Comments from students: “It was amazing! I felt like I was in a movie!” and “ I didn’t realise there were so many possibilities in engineering, ones that I had previously not even thought about!” Also “It was hell good!”

Melville Senior High School - Lift Off into Cyber-Quad Space

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