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Lockridge Senior High School 2012 success stories

14 March 2013
Thirteen students from Lockridge Senior High School (11 male and 2 female), each equipped with their own Integracom SPP safety vest and toolkit, are currently participating in the Certificate II Telecommunications funded by the School Pathways Program Defence Industries. This initiative allows Year 11 and 12 students to complete a Certificate II in Telecommunications.

The School Pathway Program Defence Industries (SSPDI) has been federally funded to address the skills shortages in industries involved in Telecommunications, Electronic Security and Digital Reception Technology. At the end of the year on the completion of the Certificate II in Telecommunications, students will have completed 11 Units of Competency covering a variety of skills. Organisations involved in telephone installations, computer network installations, fibre optics, home cabling systems and IP networks will then consider Lockridge students as competent and employable.

With the support and funding from SPPDI, Lockridge SHS has been able to deliver this certificate to the highest standards. Students participate one day a week working towards their certificate. As such they must catch up on mainstream classes in their own time. To ensure their other courses were not neglected students decided to utilise a week of their holidays to complete the practical components of the certificate. The students’ dedication highlights the interest and success the SPPDI is having at the school.

Lockridge Senior High School has developed a strong alliance with its Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Integracom, one of Perth’s leading RTOs. This alliance ensures students gain current industry knowledge, skills and more importantly their TITAB trade qualification which is nationally recognised.

Alun Jones from Integracom trains the students every alternate Tuesday onsite at Lockridge’s brand new Telecommunications Centre. His experience, along with the theoretical knowledge and delivery provided by Lockridge’s Design and Technology teacher Trevor Ward, means students are supported at every level and given expert advice whilst completing their certificates. All processes taught are in line with OSH, Australian standards and AQTF requirements. This ensures Lockridge students are industry ready. Students utilise Tablets supplied by Integracom for the theoretical exams (which can be assessed in real time) which enables instant feedback about their results.

Funding such a program and ensuring it is delivered to the highest standards is costly and time consuming. Lockridge is very grateful to SPPDI and Integracom for their continued support, especially for the training of the two teachers.

Lockridge Senior High School’s fantastic Telecommunications Centre is fully equipped with a miniature house where students are able to cable telephones, Foxtel, security systems and CCT. The centre has been such a success that Integracom now uses the facility to deliver its Telecommunications certificate two days per week. Other schools such as Ballajura Community College also utilise the centre for their delivery of the certificate.

This year Lockridge Senior High School students were selected to be in the cast for Integracom’s TV commercial. This involved students using the Telecommunications Centre to showcase their skills and knowledge. The students acted very professionally and the shoot was a great success.

The SPPDI itself has been further endorsed by the school through the development of lower school classes which act as a pathway into the senior school program. Lockridge is currently offering Year 9 and 10 Mechatronics and structuring Year 9 Maths to relate to the certificate. Other opportunities offered by SSPDI have included excursions for lower school students to encourage hands on learning experiences.

With a shortage of trained Telecommunication specialists forecast for the future, the completion of this certificate ensures students at Lockridge are securing a career pathway with real job prospects and that the industry will be gaining skilled workers. Thanks to the SPPDI and Integracom, Lockridge students can look forward to a future of guaranteed employment.



Lockridge student working on security and tool kit supplied to students.





Lockridge Senior High School Telecommunications Centre is fully equipped with a miniature house.

Lockridge Senior High School 2012 success stories

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