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Exploring Engineering

11 March 2015
Henderson Cluster School Pathways Program

On Wednesday 11 March 2015 , 12 students and three teachers representing the Henderson Cluster of School Pathways Program (SPP) schools travelled via school bus to the University of Western Australia (UWA) to participate in the ‘Exploring Engineering’day.

The SPP initiated this excursion to facilitate student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pathways.

The SPP group comprised year 11 and 12 students from Hamilton Senior High School (HSHS), North Lake Senior Campus (NLSC) and South Fremantle Senior High School (SFSHS). The SPP students, along with  students from public and private schools across the metro area and were actively engaged, (both individually and collaboratively)in a range of challenging engineering activities throughout the day.

Each group  of 16-18 students went to a specific area of the faculty, brief instructions were given from UWA student mentors and activities began.

To say the excursion was a success is an understatement. Not only did the students gain a greater understanding of the varying facets of ‘Engineering’, the exposure to the grounds and facilities of UWA along with the opportunity to mix with the post-graduate engineering students was extremely motivating for them. “ Now I know what I want to do!”

Good luck to all the students in their future studies en route to a STEM focussed pathway.

Julie Miller
Industry Liaison Officer

School Pathways Program
Henderson Cluster

The SPP students from HSHS, NLSC and SFSHS are shown here as the instructions were delivered for the ‘chemical engineering’ showcase.

Matthew Parr from SFSHS works with students from HSHS ( Isse Hussein, Thomas Leary and Louis Oxenham) as they manipulate latent heat distribution to make the ice cream for the chemical engineering activity.

Alana Kitchen and Rhoda Adewole from SFSHS enjoy the ice-cream they produced during their group work with Kristine McRobert from HSHS.

Gail Manton, Program Manager School Pathways Program highlighted “the ongoing success of the UWA Engineering Outreach program which provides high school students with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of school pathways to all fields of engineering. Students also integrated all aspects of STEM addressing real world applications.”

Thomas Leary and Louis Oxenham (NLSC) working on mechanical engineering problem. Joel Reid (teacher from HSHS) assists students.

Henderson Cluster SPP students working hard to develop a mining engineering explosion layout.

The civil engineering activity involved students designing and testing  a structure to protect an egg dropped from a height.


Isse Hussein from NLSC working hard during the mechanical engineering activity.

Alana Kitchen and Rhoda Adewole from SFSHS with Aiden Chemelski from HSHS listening whilst a UWA  student mentor explains the current types during the electrical engineering showcase.

Henderson cluster students listen intently as the environmental engineering student mentor explains the role of ‘scale models’ with the Swan river model behind him.

The winners of the civil engineering activity. Thomas Leary, Isse Hussein and  Louis Oxenham from NLSC with Alana Kitchen and Rhoda Adewole from SFSHS.


Exploring Engineering

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