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About the Instrumental Music School Services

What we do

As a central service provider, IMSS delivers instrumental music services efficiently and effectively.

Click here for an explanation of the instrumental music school service and the policy and procedures under which it operates.

The school provides the following services to Western Australian schools, school clusters and districts:

  • consultancy (in planning and developing school music programs)
  • instrumental instruction and ensemble direction
  • instrumental staffing allocation and management (including performance management and professional development for instrumental music teachers)
  • an instrumental loan, maintenance and repair service
  • access to an Instrumental Music Resource Centre
  • enrichment activities for students.

IMSS contributes to the delivery of the total music curriculum by working collaboratively with:

  • regions, through a coordinated region-wide plan.
  • school clusters offering a classroom-based music program and willing to participate in the instrumental music scheme.
  • individual schools.

For advice on the procedures for resolving issues and concerns with instrumental music teachers.

About the Instrumental Music School Services

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