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Introduction to Interm Swimming

The Department of Education delivers a comprehensive Swimming and Water Safety (SWS) program.  The Interm Swimming program provides quality swimming classes across the state to ensure students develop vital swimming and water safety skills.

The Department of Education meets the cost of instruction at Interm classes for all government primary students and non-government primary students in rural and remote areas.  Parents are generally required to pay a fee, which covers transport and entry costs into the swimming centre.  The program is also available to metropolitan non-government primary schools on a user pays basis.

The Interm Swimming program is well supported by schools. In recent years, approximately ninety percent of eligible government primary schools across the State have participated in the program.  Uptake among government primary schools within the metropolitan area is at almost 100% participation.  Classes operate at approximately 100 country and 50 metropolitan locations, with 175 000 students enrolling in the Program, more than 16 percent of them from non-government schools.

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Parents seeking general information on the structure of the Interm Swimming program should click on Awards and Stages.  Information on How to enrol and Locations can also be accessed from the left menu.

School or swimming staff that require information on the administration and operation of the program should click on Administrative Guidelines.

Information on how to become a Swimming Instructor or how to apply for a teaching position in the Interm program can be obtained by clicking on the Swimming Teachers link.

2016 Interm Swimming Program Term Dates

2016 Start End
Semester 1 Term 1 Monday 1 February Friday 8 April
  Term 2 Tuesday 26 April Friday 1 July
Semester 2 Term 3 Monday 18 July Friday 23 September
  Term 4 Monday 10 October Thursday 15 December

See the 2016 Interm venue list for Metropolitan, Bunbury, Collie, Geraldton, Leschenault and Wundowie swimming centre locations and dates: 

Venue Start Dates Interm 2016 Terms 1 to 4 (pdf)


Interm Swimming

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