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Special Education Needs reporting

Welcome to the Special Education Needs reporting section. If you are new to Reporting to Parents, you can find out more about the great features available in the Reporting to Parents application by visiting the About Reporting to Parents section.

  • Administrators guide to SEN (PDF)
  • Teachers guide to SEN (PDF)

SEN User Manuals:

  • SEN Reporting Process - SEN Process Overview
  • SEN Reporting Frameworks - Construct a reporting framework that reflects student needs and school priorities. Here you can create Learning Areas, ASDAN modules and subjects - SEN Reporting Frameworks user manual
  • Reporting Group Maintenance - Automatically populate student groups from SIS Timetabling and Forms. Manage teachers and the learning areas they are required to report on - Reporting Group Maintenance user manual
  • SEN Planning - Create individual and group education plans. Print plans to Word. Manage objectives and goals in a school based bank - SEN Planning user manual
  • SEN Data Entry - Enter teacher judgements and comments. Utilise a teacher comment bank. Upload photographs and work samples - SEN Data Entry user manual
  • SEN Printing - Print reports using the Department's covers and folders. Print SEN reports independently or as an integrated insert in mainstream reports - Printing user manual

SEN Quick Reference guides:

SEN Assessment and Reporting Management

  • Making SEN available for a school (PDF)
  • Creating an assessment scale (PDF)
  • Assessment Scales Descriptions (PDF)
  • Setting teachers up to use SEN (PDF)
  • SEN Framework - Define scales (PDF)
  • SEN Framework - Maintain SEN Framework (PDF)
  • SEN Framework - Personal Development and Learning Behaviours (PDF)

SEN Reporting Group Maintenance

  • Creating SEN Reporting Groups (PDF)
  • Editing groups to allow Teachers fulll control over Learning Areas and Outcomes in SEN Planning (PDF)

SEN Creating groups from Student Analysis

  • Creating Reporting Groups Using P-10 Analysis (PDF)

SEN Planning

  • Adding Objectives to Students (PDF)
  • Creating a Re-useable plan (PDF)
  • Adding a plan to students (PDF)
  • Adding objectives to the objective bank (PDF)
  • Recording Student Profiles and Strategies (PDF)
  • Printing a Student Plan (PDF)
  • Copying IEP (Profile, Objectives, Strategies and comments ) from previous semesters (PDF)
  • Copying one Students Objectives to another Student (PDF)
  • Student document store (PDF)

SEN Report Data Entry

  • Adding pictures (PDF)
  • Saving student comments into the teacher / School comment bank (PDF)

SEN Printing

  • SEN Printing quick reference guide(PDF)

SEN Data Analysis

  • Data Analysis (PDF)

Special Education Needs Indicators

Special Education Needs Indicators - click on the link to access a selection of indicators provided in Excel csv format. These can be imported directly into schools objective banks.

For more information on the origin of some of these indicators please visit the Special Education Needs website

Special Education Needs

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