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"Classes were filled with like-minded people who provided lots of healthy competition and challenges, and the teachers were really enthusiastic. I could not help but thrive in such an environment. We were encouraged to follow our dreams, so I chose to gain
hands-on experience in the international development sector. Since graduating from school, I have travelled and volunteered through Asia and Europe, studied in Scotland, worked for a non-government organisation in Uganda and finished my arts degree at UWA. Gifted and Talented Programs really open up your mind to a world of opportunities."

Megan Bonner
Administration and Fundraising Coordinator, Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness (ICEA) Foundation
Graduate of Willetton Senior High School
Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program

"I would encourage everyone doing a Gifted and Talented Program to embrace every opportunity offered to you. Become as involved as you can. The satisfaction you get at the end of the program is amazing, and you will look back and just wish you could do it all again!"

Chelsea Basham
Graduate of John Curtin College of the Arts
GIfted and Talented Selective Arts Program

Telstra New Talent of the Year
Country Music Awards, Tamworth

"Speaking and listening skills are so important
when you are learning a language. My teachers
were fantastic in this respect by making sure
they only spoke French in the classroom. It made
learning so much more fun and fulfilling."

Tara Losic
Graduate of Rossmoyne Senior High School
Gifted and Talented Selective Languages Program


"Gifted and Talented programs provide endless opportunities for children to learn, be challenged and use their initiatives. We tailor programs to each child’s specific strengths and provide the tools to enhance their problem solving, critical thinking, deductive reasoning and creative thinking skills to an advanced level. I am always amazed with what these talented children can achieve."

Jenny Burton
WA Education Awards Secondary Teacher of the Year and Gifted and Talented Programs coordinator
Comet Bay College


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