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Children from country WA

Gifted and talented children from country Western Australia who wish to participate in a Gifted and Talented Academic, Arts or Languages program have access to a range of programs and assistance.

Selective Academic Program Online
If you live in country Western Australia, your child can apply for the Selective Academic Program Online. Using computer links and innovative technology, your child can access the program without moving to Perth. Each online program is managed by a coordinator from the school offering the program:

Processes are in place to allow children from country WA to apply for most Gifted and Talented programs without having to travel to Perth. For more information contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit.

City Beach Residential College

Boarding is available for country students who have gained placement in Perth Modern School as well as select Gifted and Talented Programs.  The Gifted and Talented Boarding Allowance is also available to those who do not qualify for:

  • the Australian Government’s Assistance for Isolated Children; and
  • WA Government’s Boarding Away from Home allowances.

The Gifted and Talented Boarding Allowance is valued at up to $2 105 a year (as at 2013).

City Beach Residential College Brochure

To find out more contact City Beach Residential College on 9285 2672 or visit their website


Children from country WA

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