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Cross Curriculum

The suggested activities have been organised under the following headings:

Heading Definition
Activity Theme/Topic Name
Strategy Teaching and Learning Models and Instructional Strategies
Phase of Development Early Childhood
Learning Area Cross Curriculum

These activities have been incorporated from the 1996 Teaching TAGS (Primary) file. Future direction of this section will include the opportunity for teachers to share their own examples of best practice through an online learning community.

Advertisements Critical Thinking
Alternatives Creative Thinking
Changes Creative Thinking
Complications Creative Thinking
Design a Toy Creative Thinking
Design an Animal Creative Thinking
Friends Creative Thinking
Ideas Creative Thinking
If I were in Charge Creative Thinking
Jack and the Beanstalk SCAMPER
Mini-Beasts Renzulli's Enrichment Triad
Occupations Deductive Reasoning
Patterns & Colours Inductive Reasoning
Penguins Divergent Questioning
Pollution Creative Problem Solving
Pose the Problem Creative Thinking
Snails Problem Solving
The Machine Creative Thinking
The Unknown Creative Thinking
What If? Creative Thinking


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