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Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Gifted and talented students may have outstanding abilities in one or more domains. They need to be challenged and extended by curriculum, which is conceptually demanding, complex and unlimited in scope. The educational program needs to provide opportunities for cross-curricula studies.

Learning experiences for gifted and talented students need to be planned carefully in the context of the Overarching learning outcomes, which are the responsibility of all schools. Where gifted and talented provision is specialised it is essential that the breadth of the required curriculum be observed. Gifted and talented programs should extend students in their achievements, rather than replace any one important area of the curriculum with additional studies in another.

Where the program for the gifted and talented diverges significantly from that of the regular classroom it is particularly important that decisions are made in consultation with parents/carers and students.

Gifted and talented students should be provided with a curriculum that is differentiated in terms of learning experiences and teaching methods, and teacher expectations.

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Learning Experiences

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