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Learning Areas

Learning Areas

In an effective learning environment gifted and talented students demonstrate mastery in normal class activities according to their natural abilities. Gagné outlines four domains of natural ability (intellectual, creative, socioaffective and sensorimotor) and acknowledges the importance of the environment and other factors on the development of ability.

Devising an individual set of activities at an advanced level (for students strong in a particular learning area) will enable all students to work on the same learning area and topic simultaneously but at different intellectual levels. The content and knowledge base may be similar, with resources and activities for the gifted student planned at a higher cognitive or advanced reading level. Tasks set for these students should require them to apply, analyse, synthesise, evaluate and solve problems from the topic being studied.

Teaching strategies listed in the Provision section provide some options for differentiating the curriculum.

The Suggested Activities section provides a range of activities incorporating strategies, learning areas and topics/themes for each phase of development. They offer gifted and talented students the option of extension activities using higher-order levels of thinking.

Most of the activities are open-ended and require creative and complex thought processes. Many include variations to be used at the teacher's discretion. None of the activities is prescriptive and teachers may use any of the activities to trigger interests in their gifted children or at any level.

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Learning Areas

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