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Monitoring & Assessment

Monitoring and Assessment

The main purpose of assessment is to enhance learning and enable the reporting of students’ achievement.

Whether at the classroom, school or system level, assessment information should enable judgements to be made about students' progress towards the desired outcomes in a way that is fair and contributes to continued learning.

Assessment information should allow teachers and students to know:

  • what students can do assisted
  • what students can do unassisted
  • what students can do when working in groups
  • what students can do when working alone.

Assessment information should enable teachers and students to distinguish between work that is original and non-routine and work that is reproductive or memorised.

Fair assessment is based on criteria which are valid and transparent and applied with consistency and without discrimination. This requires an assessment regime based upon multiple kinds and sources of evidence. Assessment is likely to enhance learning when the criteria are valid and explicit and when the assessment activities are educative.

The Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting policy requires all public school principals and teachers to have, and make known to the school community, an assessment and reporting policy based on the principles of the Curriculum Framework.

This policy specifies how principals and teachers:

  • provide individual students with feedback on their performance
  • engage in ongoing communication with parents about their child’s achievement and progress
  • make judgements of student achievement in relation to expected standards
  • use student performance information to plan future learning programs.

Descriptions of expected standards have been developed to assist principals and teachers in this process. Decisions on ‘if’ and ‘how’ to use the expected standard descriptors are made by individual schools. In considering the best interests of a student’s development and self esteem, schools and teachers, in consultation with parents, may complement the reporting of A-E grades to parents with an alternative reporting format.

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Monitoring & Assessment

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