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Peter Pierre
Director, Internal Audit and Assurrance

The overall mission of the Internal Audit and Assurance Directorate is: “Provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services to add value and improve the operations of the Department of Education to support the achievement of student outcomes”.

Our Directorate provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services that add value and improve the Department’s operations. We help the Department accomplish its objectives by bringing a systemic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance.

This meets priority 4- Strong Governance and Support of Department’s priorities (Focus 2017 and consistent with Classroom First).

The role of the Internal Audit and Assurance Directorate, and the value derived in running the function, takes place within a changing landscape driven by reform in education which contains numerous key stakeholders and complex governance structures.

We have adapted to these changes by  shifting our audit focus from compliance to  risk based and performance audits and incorporating risk and business continuity management into our Directorate in 2016.


Internal Audit and Assurance Services

The Internal Audit Service Delivery model provides services for Assurance, Consultation and Special investigations.


Risk Management and Business Continuity

The management of risk is an integral part of good management practice and fundamental to the progress of improved corporate performance and good corporate governance.

Internal Audit and Assurance

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