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School and Student Performance Data

School Performance Branch manages a range of student and school performance data and applications that collect, analyse and report these data.


The applications and data can be categorised as both academic and non-academic.


 SAIS K-10 (including EARS and First Cut):


Student Attendance Reporting (SAR)

Suspensions and Exclusions


National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

About Schools Online

About Student Achievement Information System (SAIS)

About Education Assessment Reporting Software (EARS)

About First Cut

NAPLAN Public School Performance Reports


About Schools Online

Schools Online is a directory of public schools in Western Australia and is accessed through the internet and Department of Education intranet.

Schools Online includes a range of school level information about student outcomes, including NAPLAN.

School level NAPLAN data is provided in graphs and tables:

  • Individual test performance
  • Comparative performance
  • Proficiency bands
  • Longitudinal summary
  • Progress
  • Progress and achievement.



About Student Achievement Information System (SAIS)

SAIS is a graphing application that assists the user to analyse student achievement, including NAPLAN.

SAIS enables the user to select and configure predefined graphs by applying a range of parameters including reporting periods, students and groups, learning areas and styles.

Create a New Graph allows the user to analyse comparative student achievement data, including NAPLAN for year levels:

  • 1-10 Graphs and Tables
  • 1-10 Reports
  • Senior School Graphs and Tables
  • Senior School Reports.

SAIS can be accessed via the application list in the DoE Portal.

A comprehensive online EARS User Manual is embedded within the program to guide users through their enquiry.

View the First Cut and EARS Step-by-Step Guide to access Year 7 NAPLAN results for their previously enrolled Year 6 students.



About Education Assessment Reporting Software (EARS)

EARS is available within the SAIS application.

EARS consists of student test scores and school percentile data from the NAPLAN results.

WAMSE results for Years 5, 7 and 9 students in Science, and Society and Enviroments is also available within EARS.

How to assess WAMSE results using EARS

EARS Support Manual

To assist in the analysis and interpretation of EARS download:

Accessing EARS in SAIS in 2016

To access your school's NAPLAN data interpretation of EARS download:


About First Cut

The First Cut application is contained within the SAIS application.

First Cut provides Graphs and Data Sheets detailing Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, numeracy, reading and writing NAPLAN data.

  • Graphs display stable cohort achievement, cut scores (NAPLAN) achievement and progress with Like School comparisons.
  • Data Sheets display individual class/form showing each student's past NAPLAN scores, grades, achievement, progress and National Minimum Standard.

Both displays provide the opportunity to filter data into specific groups, for example, gender, LBOTE, ATSI and more.

First Cut and EARS Primary School Access to Year 7 Secondary Assessment Data


NAPLAN Public School Performance Reports

The NAPLAN public report of Performance of Years 3,5,7 and 9 students in Western Australian public schools can be downloaded here:

NAPLAN 2013 Public School Performance Report

NAPLAN 2014 Public School Performance Report

NAPLAN 2015 Public School Performance Report


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