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Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education


Promoting knowledge and understanding of the cultures and experiences of Aboriginal people in our schools forms a basis for relating and working more effectively as a whole community.

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Department of Education

Aboriginal Perspectives Across the Curriculum (APAC)
APAC lesson plans, resources and regional information for teaching and learning about Aboriginal cultures and history.

Our Story
An Aboriginal cultural awareness training program for the education sector and is designed for delivery to teachers and support staff who have direct contact with Aboriginal children, youth, parents, families and communitites.  The program is delivered by trained staff in Regional Education Offices.

Protocols for Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Traditional Ownership (pdf)
Protocols for recognising and promoting Aboriginal cultures and custodianship of country.

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Aboriginal Languages of Australia (David Nathan's Website)
Resources and links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages

Australian Government Culture Portal: Reconciliation

Australian Human Rights Commission
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA)
- PALS School Reconciliation Awards
- State and Community maps

Reconciliation Australia


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